Joseph Beuys

Joseph Beuys was born on May 12th 1921 and died on January 23rd 1986.
This website draws attention to the ideas of Joseph Beuys - which still have great relevance to our current situation especially in areas such as education, the environment, economic models, social sculpture and art practice generally.

It focuses on Joseph Beuys. It does not attempt to include work by other artists or Beuys' practitioners. 

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The site is very much in its infancy and will take many years to complete, if ever. 

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Beuys' multiple 'Buttocklifting'  1974. Metal sign enameled, curved.
Beuys poking fun at the plethera of specialised titles being offered in educational establishments? The situation has grown even more farcical now  that it seems everyone is a professor of something or other.


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Where are we?

Joseph Beuys was one of the most influential artists of the 20th Century. He widened the very concept of art by including 'invisible materials' such as thoughts, feelings, and actions as materials which require 'sculpting'. And, since everyone participates in this sculpting process, a process he called ‘social sculpture’, he maintained 'Everyone is an artist' and we all have the capacity to shape the world we inhabit for the better. But where are we on this path? Hopefully, this website will provide some answers to this question.

Beuys - issues & ideas

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Beuys was concerned with an array of issues. For example the environment, education, political sysyems, use of money, nuclear proliferation, inequality, sexism, racial, East-West division, etc

Beuys- the man and his art

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Beuys -Resources

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Here you will find links to books, articles, documents, films, videos, audios etc.