To be continued...    The Joseph Beuys Archive is part of the Museum Schloss Moyland, an international research centre, and simultaneously serves as an institute at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (academy of arts). It contains a large holding of archive materials on Joseph Beuys, The Joseph Beuys Archive is open to the public. For extensive research projects, a personal visit to the archive is advisable (advance notice is preferred). The reading room of the archive has ten work stations, one computer desk with internet connection and photocopier. There is also the most comprehensive library on Joseph Beuys worldwide. It contains international publications from 1950 to the present day, as well as unpublished literature and periodicals that are no longer available. The entire holding can be researched via the museum library’s online catalogue.   The Social Sculpture Researc Unit (SSRU) explores transdisciplinary creativity and vision towards the shaping of a humane and ecologically viable society. It engages with Joseph Beuys’ thinking and work, its influences and new developments, and insights from different cultural and disciplinary contexts. Together these inform the field of contemporary social sculpture and connective practice.   Publishers and suppliers of books, DVDs etc for the Free International University (FIU) and Beuys/Steiner related studies   Institut für soziale Dreigliederung  (The Institute for social threefolding). The social tripartite structure is a requirement of our time. Technological progress will only benefit all of humanity if it goes hand in hand with the formation of contemporary social structures. On the other hand, sticking to old habits leads to ever more threatening crises. It is about deep-seated habits such as the tradability of land, human labor and companies. In addition to the market, the states also take over if they believe they can still have a say in education and currency issues today. This website is aimed both at the general public and specifically at those who want to work for tripartite social issues. Rudolf Steiner was the first and most consistent advocate of a social tripartite structure.   FREE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY AMSTERDAM The F.I.U. Amsterdam aims to support and enable activities taking place in the spiritual context of the Free International University, as principally defined by Joseph Beuys, Heinrich Böll and others.     The Joseph Beuys Media Archive (Joseph Beuys Medien-Archiv) is an institution affiliated with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Berlin and the Joseph Beuys Estate, Düsseldorf. Its purpose is to collect, archive, digitize, and publicize the work of Beuys. It comprises close on all surviving sound and film documentation of the artist's work.