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Joseph Beuys

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La Virreina Centre de la Imatge

26.02.2021 – 23.05.2021

Radical teaching, direct democracy and social sculpture - Joseph Beuys
This exhibition, as its title indicates, focuses on three separate but essential areas that provide insights into the political dimension of the work of Joseph Beuys . Firstly, his activity in the realm of art education, secondly, Beuys’s creation of agitprop and anti-establishment structures and institutions in which he was able to apply his political, artistic and pedagogical ideas and lastly, his concept of ‘social sculpture’ or of the artwork expanded beyond the ready-made of Duchamp and the Dadaists, beyond commoditised formalism.

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Palau de la Virreina
La Rambla, 99
08002 Barcelona
T 933 161 000

January - October 2021

From January to October 2021 Akbank Sanat (Akbank Art Centre), is using its Youtube channel to host a series of talks under the moderation of Prof. Dr. Marcus Graf. The seminar series will be held with the participation of experts from different fields. It aims to introduce Beuys' widely varying corpus, which shows transitions between socio-culture and socio-politics, spiritualism and science, art production and art sharing, to a wider audience. The first two seminars are: 

1. "On Joseph Beuys" Speaker: Marcus Graf "Beuys and Nature" 

2: Dr. Lecturer Didem Kara Sarıoğlu (Işık University, Head of Visual Arts Dep't) under the moderation of Prof. Dr. Marcus Graf See here:

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