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Joseph Beuys multiple 'Buttocklifting'

Image: Cliff Gorman from display at Kurhaus, Kleve

Here you find the very essence of Beuys' thinking about art and society.

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Beuys 'Appeal for an alternative'

Appeal for an Alternative

On 23rd December 1978 Joseph Beuys published his 'Appeal for an Alternative' in the newspaper Frankfurter Rundshau. Here he urged society to take a new path, a "third way," a way which lies between Capitalism and Socialism.

This has been widely cited as the manifesto for the future German Green Party (Cara Jordan)

Here is a translation by B. Kleer for CENTREFOLD Magazine, Toronto.

I am searching for field character

In this 1973 essay Beuys expresses a desire to expand the limits of art, turn theory into action, and encourage widespread participation in the knowledge-producing sphere. He calls for the reconsideration of what art is and a leveling of its hierarchies, ultimately deploying it to generate discourse about present moments and imagined futures.
It was published in the exhibition catalogue 'Art into Society, Society into Art' , London, 1974.
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Manifesto on the foundation of a “Free International School for Creativity and Interdisciplinary Research” 

Joseph Beuys  Heinrich Böll

Written in 1973, this manifesto was first published in English in an exhibition catalogue for the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. Joseph Beuys, “Manifesto on the Foundation of a ‘Free International School for Creativity and Interdisciplinary Research’,” in Art into Society, Society into Art: Seven German Artists, ed. Caroline Tisdall (London: Institute of Contemporary Art, 1974)

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